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2020 Tournament Dates
*** Please note - all 2020 dates are pending permit approvals ***

2020 Top Gun Standings

Recap of the October Sherman tourney
2020 (Oct 2019) Sherman Results

2019 Tournament Dates
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Lewis & Clark   October 27th (2018)   
Sherman Reservoir   April 27th & 28th   
Calamus Reservoir   June 22nd & 23rd   
Kevin J Murray Memorial Tourney   August 24th
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Tourney Results    
Merritt Reservoir   September 28th   
NWA Championship at Merritt   September 29th   
Sherman Reservoir Midwest Championship   October 19th & 20th   

2019 Top Gun Final Results

Recap of the Merritt tourney and 2019 Season
Recap of the Calamus tourney
Recap of the Sherman tourney
Recap of the Kevin Murray tourney

2019 NWA Tourney Information

Tournament Rules

2019 Fishing is Fun Tournament Information
2019 Fishing is Fun Tournament Report

Kevin J Murray Memorial Tourney Website

Recap of Best of the 2018 Midwest Championship

2018 Tournamet Director Announcement

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